Adequate rehabilitation and equipment increases the level of independence of deafblind persons, although, it is not enough. Especially in the new, strange situations and places, they by all means meet people who are unaware of problems and nuances of communication with deafblind. For example, when visiting a doctor, an office, supermarket, healthcare-rehabilitation lectures, conferences. In such cases, it might happen that deafblind persons may need additional help. For example, to receive services from Guide-Interpreter; this way, they will have the possibility to communicate with a professional, who has specific knowledge and skills necessary for communication with and guiding deafblind persons. By help from Guide-Interpreter a deafblind person can reach a desired destination and communicate with those needed. Therefore, translator-guide provided services include: 

– Assisting deafblind person in mobility; 

– Assisting deafblind person in communication; 


For the moment the Organization provides Guide-Interpreter services to deafblind people in 5 cities: Tbilisi, Batumi, Telavi, Zugdidi and Kutaisi.