Knowledge to Help You Understand Deafblind People is an ongoing project that includes a series of webinars aimed at raising public awareness of deafblindness. Within the framework of the project, once every two weeks, Georgian and foreign specialists in this field present various topics related to deafness. Including:

1. Mobility together with a deaf-blind person

  • How to help move safely? 

  • How to move in narrow spaces? 

  • How to sit down at the table? 

  • How to get through the door?

2. Audio description for a blind person

  • What to describe? 

  • A brief history of audio description 

  • Audio description rules

  • Exercises to describe objects, views, and paths

3. Various means of communication with deafblind people

  • Tactile communication methods 

  • How to choose a communication method

4. Communication with the deafblind people - The LORM Alphabet

  • Who was  Hieronymus Lorm? 

  • In what situations is LORM useful

  • Let’s learn LORM in 20 minutes!

5. Braille

  • Who was Louis Braille? 

  • How many different technologies of the Braille alphabet can we use? 

  • Let’s learn Braille!

6. Technologies and access to them for the blind and visually impaired

  • What kind of daily consumables can help us? 

  • Computer and telephone for the visually impaired – is it possible?

7. Technologies and access to them for the deaf and hard of hearing

  • Modern hearing technologies

  • How hearing aids work

8. Deafblind person as a family member

  • What does the family experience? 

  • The importance of family for the child 

  • How should a parent cope with the challenge?

9. Wolfram syndrome medically

  • What is Wolfram Syndrome?

  • Causes of Wolfram Syndrome

  • The prevalence of the syndrome

  • When do we suspect the existence of Wolfram Syndrome?

  • What is treatment and follow-up for Wolfram Syndrome?

  • Future prospects