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The COVID-19 pandemic and related measures have created even more challenges for the deafblind, including double isolation, restrictions on access to communications, vital services, and information.

In response to these challenges with the support of the ACCESS East-West Management Institute (EWMI) and USAID / Georgia together with the organizations Wolfram Syndrome Georgia and the HumanDoc Foundation Regional Branch of the South Caucasus, we implemented the project “Support for the Deaf-Blind in the COVID-19 Pandemic”.


Within the framework of the project, up to 200 deaf-blind beneficiaries and their family members received various services, including:


  • Telephone and online consultations for deaf-blind people and their families
  • Guide-interpreter services
  • Online sign language interpreter services
  • Access to information: webinars, infographics, videos, etc. In formats accessible to the deafblind.
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