Deafblind people often suffer from social isolation and loneliness due to communication complications.  Many of them spend most of their time at home, together with family or alone. They suffer from the lack of communication, have no access to information and services necessary and interesting for them.  Deafblind clubs are the best opportunity for the socialization of these people.  Here they can make friends, diversify their relationships, exchange information. In this, they will be helped by Guide-Interpreters and club coordinators. 

There are 4 functioning deafblind clubs in Georgia: in Tbilisi, Batumi, Zugdidi and Telavi. For the moment, there are up to 50 deafblind persons registered in each of the clubs. Beneficiaries can visit the clubs, meet with friends, plan informational, educational,  recreational activities, take part in different club activities, and receive needed services.

There are a minimum of two Guide-Interpreters and coordinators in each of the clubs.

  • They provide for:  


  • Accompanying beneficiaries when coming to the club and going home; 


  • Assisting deafblind persons in communication; 


  • Identification of deafblind persons in the region;


  • Research of beneficiaries needs; 


  • Identification of beneficiaries with needs; 


  • Referring beneficiaries to needed service and accompanying them for receiving those services;  


  • Finding services necessary for beneficiaries.

Deafblind Clubs


2a Kilpiani Str. 

Union of Deaf of Georgia


Coordinator: Maia Metonidze


6 Z. Gamsakhurdia Str. 

Free Space


Leader: Mzia Meladze


25 Archil II Str. 

Union of Deaf of Georgia


Leader: Maia Razmadze


1 Right Embankment

Union of Deaf of Georgia


Leader: Nona Kvaratskhelia