The Organization Georgian Union of Deafblind was founded in the framework of the Project – Creation of Deafblind Persons Support System in Georgia. The Project is implemented by the Polish HumanDoc Foundation, by funding from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the framework of the Cooperation Development Program. We started supporting deafblind persons in Georgia in 2018. Since that time we have been sharing with Georgian people the 30-year Polish experience in providing assistance and support to people with hearing and vision impairments. Our activities can be divided into several directions:

at the moment of launching the Project, in Georgia there was no term that would define who deafblind persons are; it was not exactly specified how persons with such problems could be assisted or supported and in what forms. According to the data obtained by us, there are up to 800 deafblind persons in Georgia – persons with simultaneous impairment of hearing and vision. We have founded four clubs, which provide support to deafblind persons in Tbilisi, Zugdidi Telavi and Batumi. In Clubs, our expert-specialists teach deafblind beneficiaries how to handle daily life challenges and how to communicate. Clubs also organize different meetings in support to deafblind persons. Clubs are additionally specially equipped for providing assistance to deafblind in their daily lives. 

our next direction is training specialists and experts – Guide-Interpreters – in Georgia. Their task is to teach deafblind persons daily  and assist them in moving around. In cooperation with Georgian linguists has been translated the Lorm Alphabet, which helps persons with heavy impairment of hearing and vision in daily communication. By help from Geolorm – Georgian Lorm Alphabet – information is transferred through a palm and people get a chance to get involved in public or cultural life.

The given direction of work concerns systemic changes related to deafblind issues. We cooperate with the Georgian Public Defender’s Office and experts; the group of experts works on the development of deafblind assistance-support system and recommendations.

one of the most important components of the Project is education. Our experts have met students and lecturers of Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and Telavi Universities. Problems of deafblind persons have been shared at these meetings. 

Our Project is innovative and it can be said that we are the pioneers in the given field in Georgia.