The International Congress on Deafblindness in Georgia: “The Voice of Deafblind People in Georgia” will be held December 11, 12 of 2021 online on the Zoom platform.

The main theme of the congress this year is education and rehabilitation of the Deafblind, within the framework of which Georgian and foreign specialists, experts and parents working in this field will share their knowledge and experience.

The Organization Georgian Union Of Deafblind Was Founded In The Framework Of The Project – Creation Of Deafblind Persons Support System In Georgia. The Project Is Implemented By The Polish HumanDoc Foundation, By Funding From The Polish Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, In The Framework Of The Cooperation Development Program. We Started Supporting Deafblind Persons In Georgia In 2018. Since That Time We Have Been Sharing With Georgian People The 30-Year Polish Experience In Providing Assistance And Support To People With Hearing And Vision Impairments. 

Development of support for deaf-blind people in the South Caucasus through cooperation with V4 group

The project forms a coalition of organizations working with and for deaf-blind persons from V4 and South Caucasus countries. It contributes to the development and professionalization of the Georgian organizations, with emphasis on Deaf-Blind (DB) children’s parents. It also provides information for Armenia and Azerbaijan in the process of developing its own models based on the experience of Georgia and organizations from the V4 countries.

An open 4-day meeting – Deaf-Blind persons Regional Support Seminar – aims to exchange experiences, expand knowledge and skills regarding the needs of DB persons and their support systems. Study visit of representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan to Georgia will give practical information how to start systematic changes in post-soviet countries. 

The next inspiration for further activities in the South Caucasus countries will be jointly elaborated recommendations “How to Build a Support System for DB persons:  good practices of the V4 and Georgia”.

The project also pays significant attention to parents of deaf-blind children who are the most determined people to find solutions to ensure bright, independent future for their kids.

Online Parents’ Academy will provide parents with professional knowledge about the special needs of their children and best ways to respond to these needs based on working in practice solutions in V4 and South Caucasus countries.

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